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The College

Kerala University College of Teacher Education, Kunnam, Mavelikara is one of the 10 Teacher education Colleges under University of Kerala. It first started as college of teacher education at Chathiyara High School campus (Thamarakulam) in 1994 later shifted to Kunnam Government Higher Secondary School campus in June 2001. Although the college had functioned in this place for about six years, the grama panchayat, the block panchayat and the jilla panchayath have extended their full support in every possible ways and co-operation of our M.P , our MLA  and PTA members in all respects. Our students also participated in all the programmes organized under the auspicious of the University, College and local bodies. Our college has opted five optional subjects including Social science,  Hindi, Physical Science, Mathematics and Natural Science.


The college has Kunnam Government High School as our Model School, very close to the college in the campus itself and there is good co-operation from the school. The deed of agreement to use the school campus for the use of the college of teacher education was signed on November 15th 2004 by both the district panchayat president, Alappuzha as the first party and The Registrar, University of Kerala as the second party.

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