Of all the civil rights for which the world has struggled and fought for 5,000 years, the right to learn is undoubtedly the most fundamental.



Our college has a full-fledged library with all the modern facilities like Computer aided information retrieval including printer and internet facilities. The Library has collection of nearly 5367 Volumes which apart from books include back volumes of about 26 Educational Journals, 9 Periodicals in the thrust areas of various subjects. The Library also provides information and guidance regarding electronic journals and On-Line information retrieval to the interested readers.

Main mission of the college Library is to acquire, to organize, to utilize and to preserve the information sources and to extend effective and efficient service to the students and faculty members of the college. 


Working Time


 The working hours of the library are from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm and 1 pm to 4.30 pm on all class days and from 10am to 4pm on other days except Sundays, public holidays and specially announced holidays of the college.

 Students are allowed to take only note book/papers into the library. Other belongings like Text books, umbrellas, bags, etc. shall be kept at the entrance. Strict silence should be observed in and around the library. Students are given borrowers cards which are not transferable. Two books can be borrowed at a time, for a period of 7 days and must be returned on or before the date indicated in the book.

Reference Books, Dictionaries, periodicals and journals shall not be lent out. If any of them is issued out with special permission for overnight reference, it shall be returned to the library the very next day as soon as the library opens. Books are issued to members of the staff when they make the necessary entries in the ledger maintained for them. At the end of the academic year they are expected to return all the books and periodicals borrowed. Every student is expected to make the best use of the college library and to maintain a record of his/her work. The records of library work shall be submitted to the respective teachers at the end every month. 


The library books including... 

 1. Encyclopaedias 

 2. Dictionaries 

 Other books in Educational Philosophy, Educational sociology ,Educational Psychology, Measurement and Evaluation, Guidance and Counselling, Educational Technology, School management, Malayalam, Hindi, Mathematics, Physical Science, Natural Science and Physical Education. 


 Educational Journals 


 1. School Science

2. International Educator

3. Edutracks 

 4. Miracle of Teaching




 1. University News 

 2. Thozhil Vartha 

 3. Thozhil Veedhi 

4. Sahithya Poshini 

 5. Vanitha 

 6. The Week

7. India Today 

 8. Manorana Year Book 


 News Papers 


1. Indian Express 

2. Mathrubhumi 

3. Malayala Manorama